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Sherlock vs. Dracula

No, I’m not talking about the entertaining books by Fred Saberhagen, wherein the author has some fun with the common-world fact that Sir Christopher Lee portrayed both Dracula and Sherlock Holmes by depicting Holmes and the Count as *ahem* dead ringers. (If you haven’t read Saberhagen’s Dracula series, you really should. They’re really good overall, although of slightly varying quality individually.) Rather I have to take exception with a claim I just read in a book about Holmes, maintaining that the famous detective is the fictional character portrayed the most number of times in film, and portrayed by the widest number of different actors. While certainly I would agree that Sherlock Holmes would be among the top three in this category, maybe the top two, I believe Dracula has him beat.

In terms of the title for the most recognizable fictional character worldwide, Holmes and Dracula are also in competition. Right up there with them is Tarzan. There’s no way anybody could ever say for certain; it wouldn’t be possible to interview 7.5 billion people; it is an educated guess. The information I’ve read on the subject is, I should admit, several decades old, and the ranking may have changed. Yet there can be no doubt that Sherlock Holes, Tarzan, and Count Dracula remain easily among the most recognizable fictional characters of all time. I just happen to believe that Dracula holds the number one position. Prove me wrong.

TheCheezman • August 27, 2018

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