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Should they make BLADE 4, or “Revamp” the series?

Honestly, I’m not sure they should do either. This might be a case of “leaving well enough alone.” The first two BLADE movies were hella strong. The third, not so much, and let us not even mention that attempt at a TV show. (What, you forgot there was a Blade TV show? Consider yourself lucky.) If, however–IF–Marvel is determined to give us another Blade movie, one possibly crossing over with the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, would having Wesley Snipes reprise the role be the best move? He’s already said that he was up for it, and granted it would be hard for me to see anybody else in the role, like with Hugh Jackman and Wolverine. But Snipes is a train wreck as a person. It’d be hard for me to divorce what I know of the guy in the real world from his portrayal of the character. Also, he’s 55. Blade can’t age; he’s half vampire. Snipes HAS aged, even if he’s aged well.

Marvel owes a lot to Blade. The first movie was the first SUCCESSFUL movie ever made based on a Marvel comic book character. It made it possible for there to be an X-MEN and SPIDER-MAN, and those movies made it possible for Marvel to start up its own movie universe and become the Disney-owned juggernaut it is today. None of that, I believe, would have happened had BLADE not been a hit. I’d love to see Blade pop-up in an AVENGERS movie. But if they were to recast the role, who could play him?

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TheCheezman • February 12, 2018

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