Sigourney Weaver Appearing in Vampire Comedy ‘Vamps’

The Hollywood Reporter announced on Wednesday that Sigourney Weaver won’t just be appearing in the new horror comedy, ‘Vamps’, directed by Amy Heckerling, –she’ll be starring as ‘queen of the vampires,’ Ciccerus. If anyone could pull off Queen of the Vampires, it’s the frosty, always elegant and authoritative Weaver. Speaking of, she’s 60 in this photo, –vampirism could certainly be the cause of her still fantastic looks at her age. Sigourney Weaver is a perfect match for the role, it actually brings to mind her part in ‘Holes’, where she played the crooked, greedy warden of a camp for juvenile delinquent youngsters.

Amy Heckerling has also proven herself many times in the realms of cinema, with films like Clueless, and Look Who’s Talking, not to mention getting to work with actors like Alicia Silverstone, John Travolta, and the late Brittany Murphy. Heckerling will be re-unite with Alicia Silverstone in her long overdue return to directing; Silverstone will accompany actress Krysten Ritter as the two main protagonists. The kicker is, the young heroines are also ‘vampirettes’, transformed by Ciccerus.

The ‘vampirettes’ risk their immortality after falling in love with human boys during their extravagant forays into the New York club scene. Although the movie does sound like it might be worth a peek, the plot also seems a little too close to an amalgamation of existing teen vampire romance. Something like a mix of Twilight, and the Blue Bloods series, with maybe a dash of True Blood in there somewhere. Filming begins this April, which means we can expect to be forced to view trailers for it by the fall, or winter. Though I love both Weaver and Silverstone, I’m not holding out much hope for this title.

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