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SINISTER Intentions

Caution. Children at play.

I had overlooked the 2012 movie SINISTER. There was some blurring in my mind between this film and the other one-word titled, similarly themed INSIDIOUS. And, too, I dislike Ethan Hawke, so I skipped it. The sequel opening in theaters this summer also failed to catch my eye—at first. Credit Bughuul (or Bagul) with getting me to finally watch the first movie. I saw him in a TV spot and thought he looked wicked cool, so I took a chance on the movie. The result? It’s good. I still don’t like Ethan Hawke, but that’s okay. You don’t have to like him to appreciate the film; in fact it helps if you don’t.
Bughuul is the star of the show, and rightfully so.

Now I’m ready for SINISTER 2, although reviewers caution that it is inferior to the original. And I found myself on eBay looking for a Bughuul action figure, only to discover they don’t exist yet. (Note I said “yet.” Get on that, Entertainment Earth or McFarlane Toys! Pronto!) I could easily see the wraithlike character becoming a franchise, like Jason or Freddy, and I’d be just fine with that. I’d like to see more of the “Devourer of Children,” provided he’s portrayed with a modicum of quality and gets to retain his creepy-cool ambiance.



TheCheezman • October 1, 2015

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