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There are tons of True Blood tidbits popping up left and right; in fact there were so many, instead of making an individual post for each one, which might take years, I decided to pack them all into one post so that you could pick and choose the story or trailer that held the most interest for you. Currently, there are three new video trailers for True Blood Season 4 floating around out there. The first one that came out sucked, –and not in the good way, –cast members were shot in a vague black and white sequence, each gesturing and making faces at the camera. The most recent trailers are both fairly different from each other, and they both show the cast, –gasp! –actually interacting with scenery and each other.

The second trailer was released a few days ago, and released with some smashing music, –but I love the rockabilly country-fried soundtrack for True Blood anyway. This trailer focuses on Sookie, and how she handles some of the things she encounters, –apparently she even punches Eric in the face! …And then explains that he’ll be fine, what with being undead and all. Clearly, they’re going to be doing the whole “Eric losing his memory” thing this season. Tres hot! Check it out below.

The third trailer is a lot different, and it focuses on the interaction between the new witches in town, and the vampires, –and of course, how this all effects poor Sookie, who’s just now finding out that she’s part fairy. Check out the newest trailer below!

Also in the world of True Blood, Alexander Skarsgard is talking about his challenges with the Sookie/Eric love scenes. His trouble apparently, is that Anna Paquin is married to Stephen Moyer, and he’s married to some hot model type, –so he thinks of Paquin more like a sister than anything. Personally, I find it hard to believe that anyone, regardless of their marital status, would have much trouble making Skinemax-style porn with Anna Paquin. Unless, of course, they’d just finished watching Fly Away Home.

And speaking of extremely hot male cast members of True Blood, guess who else is going to get naked in this season? Joe Mangianello! The sexy superbeast, known to TB fans as Alcide Herveaux. Apparently, he’s going to be either shirtless or naked in at least three episodes!

There are also reports that fairies might be slightly neglected this season, but I doubt it; this blogger has her fingers crossed anyway. Sorry guys, but if there’s one thing Alan Ball just can’t pull off, it’s fairies. And plus, the whole fairy thing, while romantic and awesome in the books… it’s just a tad too campy on the small screen.

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