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Slender Man Crime Scene Photos Released

To start with, and completely off the main topic, I really wish I could convince the world to start calling the entity “Slenderman” instead of “Slender man.” That’s just the inner grammar nazi in me needling me, although admittedly this one comes down to a matter of personal preference more than grammatical exactitude. Calling him “Slender man” isn’t incorrect, it’s just sloppy. It’s not my inner grammar-ist, then, that’s rankled but it, so much as my former-book-editor. (As in, I used to be a book editor, not that I have a former editor who is pissed off.) Anyway, nobody’s gonna listen to me abaout the name, so let’s just move on.

Remember the little girl who was repeatedly stabbed by her two batshit-crazy schoolmates, because they were trying to sacrifice her to the fictitious entity? Sure you do. Well, for some reason, the Wisconsin police have released the crime scene photos from that incident. For the benefit of people who enjoy looking at pictures of little girls with holes poked in them by sharp objects, apparently. No, there aren’t any photos of the victim herself, but there are pictures of the perpetrators coated in blood, the knife used, and some trees at the scene splashed with blood. With the father of one of those two little nutjobs already engaged in verbal wrangling with Sony, the studio behind the forthcoming SLENDER MAN (It still bugs me! It should be “Slenderman!”) movie, over whether or not the studio is trying to cash in on the real-life case, this is sure to act as an accelerant to the argument. It will also provide tons of free publicity for the studio.

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TheCheezman • April 20, 2018

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