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SLENDERMAN Would-Be Killer Cops a Plea

15-year-old Anissa Weier, who, along with a friend, Morgan Geyser, stabbed another girl 19 times, trying to kill her and offer her as a sacrifice to the Slenderman, has pleaded guilty to a charge of attempted second degree intentional homicide, in order to avoid the charge of attempted murder outright. She still may further wiggle out of the noose, though. A trial next month will determine if she was “mentally responsible” for the crime, or if she was mentally ill at the time to the point of exculpation. If it is decided that she was crazy and thus not to be held responsible for her actions, she will be sent to a mental hospital for three years instead of being sent to prison for a decade. (Actually, considering all the horror stories I’ve read concerning psychiatric hospitals, she might not be getting off that easy, after all.)

Slenderman does not exist. The character was made-up, a work of fiction. Yet with scientific, verified experiments proving that human observation has a measurable effect on reality, and others postulating that reality itself does not exist WITHOUT said observation (look up John Wheeler’s “delayed choice” experiments), if enough people were like these two unhinged teenyboppers (both girls were 12 at the time of the crime) and actually believed in him–might Slenderman BECOME real?

WAYNE MILLER is the owner and creative director of EVIL CHEEZ PRODUCTIONS (,, specializing in theatrical performances and haunted attractions. He has written, produced and directed (and occasionally acted in) over a dozen plays, most of them in the Horror and Crime genres. His first novel, THE CONFESSIONS OF SAINT CHRISTOPHER: WEREWOLF, is available for purchase here:


TheCheezman • September 7, 2017

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