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Some Big (Clown) Shoes To Fill

I’m tired of hearing people bitching about the giant spider at the end of the TV miniseries IT. The giant spider is in the book, too. And, if one bothers to read the book, they will understand that it isn’t REALLY a spider at all. They couldn’t have 86ed the spider without writing a new ending, and rewriting Stephen King is a tricky prospect at best. Sometimes it works. Stanley Kubrick’s bigscreen production of THE SHINING is in every way superior to the more accurate TV version commissioned by King himself; its deviations from the source material actually improved upon it. Likewise, I found the changes made to IT for its own television production to have enhanced rather than detracted from the overall narrative. I’m still not comfortable with the tween-age “orgy” scene in the book, for example. The more innocent TV version is far more palatable to me. (Sorry, Steve. Lova ya, brah!)

Reports are that the trailer for the new IT movie has broken all sorts of records. This is indicative that interest is high—and so are expectations. Can the new flick equal the miniseries? Could it even, dare I say it, exceed it? More to the point, how could Bill Skarsgard EVER hope to top Tim Curry as Pennywise?

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TheCheezman • April 11, 2017

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  • Um… what’s the Vampire tie-in there, Mr. Cheezman? Did I miss it or are you just taking up for the Party City do-it-yourself giant spider home decoration kit?

    • The CheezMan

      Just thought it might be of interest. The entity in IT could be described as vampiric if we’re applying the older, more malleable definition. And Tim Curry did play a vampire once. :)