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Song Review: Marilyn Manson’s cover of “Cry Little Sister”


Okay. End of review. You can move on.

Alright, fine. I do have a minimum word count for these articles, after all. What all can I say, though? I could talk about Manson in general. I have some serious issues with the guy. He playacts this character who is evil incarnate and preaches nihilism, but then when some disturbed teenager goes on a shooting spree and leaves a note behind wherein he credits Manson as his inspiration—yes, this has literally happened—the latter cries “Don’t blame me!”. Can’t have it both ways, Marilyn. But let us judge Manson’s musical abilities—or lack thereof—apart from his flaws as a human being. I am told that the guy CAN sing. He chooses instead to do that thing with his voice, the growly “Oh I’m so scary!” thing. This last is the biggest weakness with his cover of the song. I actually dig on the chorus, but the verses, not so much. I don’t much care for being growled at. If Manson hadn’t been trying so hard to sound like he believes Manson is supposed to sound, he could have rendered a decent cover.

For anyone who doesn’t know why this song merits mention on this site, “Cry Little Sister” is one of the most recognized riffs from THE LOST BOYS.

Have I hit my word limit yet? Let’s check and see. Yep. I have. I can conclude, then. Stick with the original song.

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TheCheezman • June 24, 2018

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