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We could subtitle this article “How to shoot yourself in the foot.” Or, even better, “Sony is really, really, really stupid.” As if we needed any more evidence that the suits in the offices are completely out of touch with reality. And stupid. Why would a studio take a guaranteed moneymaker and then try to deliberately scrap it, I ask you this? We know there have been some backstage rumblings suggestive of problems with Sony’s upcoming release SLENDER MAN. There was some talk of ship-jumping and that maybe Sony wouldn’t end up distributing the film after all, as the producers were not pleased with Sony’s marketing strategy. In short, Sony wasn’t willing to give the movie the push the producers wanted.

Does this explain Sony’s stupid, stupid, stupid decision to move the opening for the film from August 24th, when it would have had little competition save from THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS (and of the two SLENDER MAN is by far the most marketable), to August 10th—when it will open opposite THE MEG?(!) Or is this change in scheduling the reason behind the producers’ dissatisfaction in the first place?

There’s more going on here than we’ve heard about. It’s as if Sony doesn’t WANT the movie to turn a profit. Is this a case of office politics crippling a movie’s chances, like what happened with Disney and JOHN CARTER? It makes no sense.

TheCheezman • July 27, 2018

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