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Soul-Sucker Self-Defense, For Beginners

The astral plane is a real place that can easily be experienced by us. Lucid dreaming, OBEs, and astral projection are all doorways into the astral plane

If vampires do truly exist, we may be certain they are of the astral variety. They are, for lack of a better term, “spiritual” entities that attack humans and feed off spiritual energies. They don’t drink blood, don’t abhor garlic and aren’t interested in starting torrid love affairs with underage girls. (Sorry, TWILIGHT losers—um, I mean, fans.) It’s easy to see how these entities—again, IF they exist—could have inspired the legend of the vampire as we know it today. An astral or “spirit” vampire might take on the appearance of a dearly departed loved one—especially if that is what and whom a victim was psychologically conditioned to expect to see—and a person wasting away from depleted spiritual energy might have been diagnosed as suffering from blood loss.

IF, then, psychic or astral vampires are really out there, how do you keep them away at night, since garlic won’t do the trick? Turns out it’s easy, easier even than stringing up smelly garlic at your windows. This article offers a few helpful tips. Since prayer is at the top of the list, chiefly Christian prayer, maybe that old chestnut of vampires being afraid of crucifixes isn’t so far off the mark, after all.



TheCheezman • September 14, 2015

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