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Spoiler Alert: Claire Holt Reveals Matt and Rebekah Are “Sadly Coming to an End” in Season 5

Brace yourselves, Matt and Rebekah ‘shippers: Vampire Diaries and Originals star Claire Holt (Rebekah) is basically throwing a whole lot of holy water on the prospect of the all-American boy and sexy vamp sticking together come October 3.

As these two have fallen in love with each other, we fell in love them as a couple, it saddens us greatly this romance will reach its eternal end. Fans have seen Matt as a chance for the innocent, and hopeful teen hiding inside of Rebekah, to blossom. Since the first kindness he showed her at that crazy dance, which undoubedtly saved his life, Rebekah seemed to embrace her lost innocence when he was around her. Matt, our knight in shining armour, seemed to have quieted the inner demons normally ruling Rebekah’s life, with the pure love she has always longed for those long, lonely years. We hope these two find the happiness they both so richly deserve.


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Editor • September 8, 2013

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