Stephenie Meyer is Interviewed on Oprah

bellaThe interview is Stephenie Meyer’s only appearance and discussion over the new film New Moon, –so the Twilight lovers and Meyer fans will just have to wait for the next movie to hear from Stephenie, I guess. Oprah starts by introducing the non-believers to the books, and the films so far. Then, of course! a trailer for the new film, outlining Edward leaving Bella, Jacob moving in as maybe something more than a friend, and Bella following Edward to Europe. Afterwards, we get a more personal look at Stephenie Meyer, and her day-to-day life before she decided to pursue a writing career.

default-stephenie-meyer-oprahAccording to Meyer, she got the idea for the novels from a completely spontaneous dream; she dreamed of two people talking in a forest, one of them a “sparkly”, gorgeous boy, the other a girl, totally normal in every way, and the discussion between the new lovers. In her own words, she had just been going through the motions of being a stay-at-home-mom, with no real interest in writing a book, or even in vampires. Then she has this dream, and suddenly wanted to know more about the characters in her dream, so she just began writing more about the characters, filling in their story from Chapter 13 of Twilight, to the end of the book, then going back to the beginning and writing the rest.

eddyIt took her over three years to finish the novel, with no prior experience in writing, not even so much as a short story. Stephenie Meyer arrives on stage, accompanied by a roaring crowd, –looking fabulous. Meyer says the dream was a “one of a kind thing” and she never imagined the story would become a series of books, she just didn’t want to forget the story itself. Stephenie had three tiny kids, and worked continuously on notes, and journal entries, organizing everything, and when it was finished, decided to publish it, never imagining the story would have the fame and media attention it does today. It was rejected nine times, and ignored several more, before someone finally answered positively. Well, thank god it didn’t end up on a shelf in her closet! I wonder how many other people have these fabulous stories, floating around their closets and attics, or waiting to come out of their dreams.

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