Stephenie Meyer’s “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner” Will be Available for Free!

Twilight fans rejoice, –not only is Stephenie Meyer releasing more of Twilight-esque literature, but she’s also letting us download it for free! As a little side note, this isn’t the only addition to what most consider the full Twilight saga, –there is one other full novel; Midnight Sun. The story of Midnight Sun is tragic; basically, the first draft  was stolen, and mass-shared on the net. You can download the first draft of Midnight Sun on Meyer’s website, but as of yet, there are no plans to polish and publish what i like to think of as, ‘the lost Twilight novel’.

But, that’s too depressing to think of, with this new story coming out! Despite, you know, Meyer claiming that she was done with the whole vampire thing. She plans to do aliens next; oh… goody. Not that I don’t go for sci-fi, but you know, vampires will always be my first love. The new novella will follow the adventures of Bree Tanner, –as minimal as they are. She only spends a short amount of time alive.

There’s a lot of hyperactive obsession over the little novella coming out, but I’d bet my right eye, that most fans probably had no clue who Bree Tanner was when they first head about the novella. Well, to draw some of the mystery away, Bree Tanner was one of the newborn vampires created by Victoria, to help destroy the Cullen family, –along with a few of the werewolves. Bree Tanner will narrate her short life, and explain a lot of the unexplained, –events that Bella, who narrates most of Eclipse, never knew, and never will, most likely.

Anyway, as you might have guessed, I was saving the best for last. The novella is going to be available via free download at for a whole month, from June 7th, to July 5th, –we encourage donations which go to benefit like, loads of people who need blood, food, vital organs. You know, the important shit. So be sure, if you can afford to spare a couple bucks from your Paypal, –plenty of us in the US are also frigging broke, — to donate!

By annimi

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  4. Oh, great, a fanfiction of a Mary-Sue fanfiction :\
    I anticipate it will be a hit among the Twihards, though…

  5. Unfortunately, the free download is not available. I hear that it stopped on June 7th. This website needs to be updated :( Trying to find the free download somewhere else, b/c I’m not paying $8-10 on a “novella”…

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