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Stills From Vampire Drama ‘Orange Marmalade’ with Lee Jong Hyun

“CNBLUE‘s Lee Jong Hyun is staging a comeback as an actor in KBS‘s new drama “Orange Marmalade.””

The new vampire drama, Orange Marmalade is based on the manga of the same name, –if you’re interesting in reading it, there are multiple manga libraries online. Just Google it, and you can find a few different sites that offer it up. The story is about an alternate universe in which vampires and humans live together, under a truce that should allow both races to live in relative harmony. However, vampires face discrimination, and many live in fear of the harsh human government, –as well as their human counterparts.

The main character is the “dark and mysterious” Han Si Hoo, –he’s described as being very aloof, as well as hiding a dark secret. Presumably this dark secret is more than him just being a vampire? Anyway, the series sounds pretty cool, so much so that I think I’m definitely going to check out the manga over summer break. The show will air this coming May, –so get ready! 


annimi • April 3, 2015

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