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THE STRAIN Episode Recap 7-30-17

I ask ya, how badass is Quinlan? That scene where he uses the silver to cauterize his wound was EPIC! Everybody remember my awesome idea for a spinoff series, focusing solely on Quinlan? I want to amend that suggestion. Guillermo and Chuck, howzabout a “buddy” show featuring Quinlan and Fet traveling the country after the Strigoi have been vanquished, righting wrongs like the Lone Ranger and Tonto? You know it’d be a hit!

It’s almost poetic to see Eph coming full circle, back now to poisoning the Strigoi as in the good old days. And it would seem that Zack does have a little bit of conscience left, after all–but who cares! Who cares if he feels bad about shooting that tiger or blowing up New York? Who cares that he’s found puppy love? He is still vile and must be destroyed. To give the brat a microscopic fraction of a break, though, listening to the Master’s speech about the nature of human beings and how he was going to make sure there were no more wars, it sounded good. I almost wanted to believe him. Given the sorry state the world is in now, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to have the Master take over and start calling the shots. Then you remember that the only thing it would cost you is your free will, and it stops sounding so appealing.

All my friends are going on and on about some show called GAME OF THRONES or something, and I’m like, dude, it’s all about TWIN PEAKS and THE STRAIN! There ARE no other shows on television on Sunday nights, as far as I’m concerned. How could some show about people playing chess while seated on toilets even merit mentioning?

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TheCheezman • July 31, 2017

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