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THE STRAIN Episode Recap 8-20-17

Yeah, I’m a day late, I know. I DVR’d the show yesterday but only got to watch it tonight. I’m doin’ the best I can, here! At least I got to see the show. I had to get my satellite dish taken down over the weekend and reassembled in a more advantageous spot to get my DVR to work at all. (The joys of living in a rural area without cable and having a satellite service provider company that employs yokels who don’t know what they’re doing.) Anyway, enough chit-chat. On with the review!

This one was solid, through and through. We get to see Quinlan’s humanity, even as he seemingly puts it aside, removing the makeup and wig that allowed him to walk among Victorian London’s society in order to do what needed to be done, dispatching his lady friend and her daughter before they could become Strigoi under the Master’s control. (Good to see the giant Master again this episode, holding his own with Quinlan). Paralleling Quinlan’s story, we see Zack lose another piece of HIS humanity. If he wasn’t destined to be the next incarnation of the Master, we could very well be seeing a serial killer in the making. The writers were savvy enough to realize there was no way they could redeem this character and thus they went in the opposite direction with him. He swallows damnation, one gulp at a time. He could never be sympathetic, but he might have the makings of a worthwhile villain.

It was also cool to see Eichorst in action. You realize just how badass he is, even as we are reminded that he once was a soldier.

The best relationship on the show these days is Quinlan and Fet. Hashtag: bromance! Now that the two of them have gotten their hands on a nuke–what are they gonna do with it? I have a feeling I know where they plan to stick it.

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TheCheezman • August 22, 2017

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