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THE STRAIN preview: Ouroboros + The Truck Fight

First, here’s a sneak peek trailer for this coming Sunday’s episode, “Ouroboros.” An Ouroborus is that symbol of a snake eating its own tail. You’ve seen it. It’s supposed to represent eternity or something. Google it. Anyway, the preview looks dope as all get out. “We’re here,” Quinlan says. “And now we’re coming for you.” Oooh, chills! It’s like the vampiric version of Kurt Russel’s Wyatt Earp “I’m comin’, an’ hell’s a’ comin’ with me!” speech from TOMBSTONE. Maybe not QUITE as badass, but close. Seems like the Master is scared. He should be. Quinlan and the Muncher-haters are not going to stop, ever, until he is dead. (Second movie quote–paraphrased, this time–in a single paragraph! Do you recognize it? Can you name the movie?)

Here is a behind-the-scenes feature on the highway battle between Quinlan and the Mongrel. And the truck. And the SUV. That particular scene reminded me of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. (THIRD movie reference! I’m on a roll! And they even mention Indiana Jones in the video–which I watched AFTER I’d made the connection for myself. Verification!) Epic sweetness!

NOTE: I inadvertently switched the links. Oopsies. But you were going to watch both of them, anyway, so I’m not gonna bother to switch them again. You’re welcome.

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TheCheezman • August 22, 2017

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