Suburban Vampire, Russell Edgington, and Klaus in this Week’s Vampire Bites

Keep an eye on Suburban Vampire over the next two weeks; they’ll have writers and musicians in every day, talking about the ‘romantic allure of vampires’.  If you want to check out new artists and writers who have been inspired by vampires, this is also a great place to find em.

If you didn’t get enough of Russell Edgington’s character on True Blood this past season, then be aware, he may be returning in the next one. Actor Denis O’Hare claims that True Blood has been pretty good to him, both figuratively and literally, in terms of producers and cast. And he’s definitely got his eye on a returning role, or at least a cameo.

And who gets to be Klaus on the Vampire Diaries? Oh goody! It looks like it’s going to be actor Joseph Morgan, who’s gloriously beautiful. It might be close though, there are still a few other actors in the running, but standing at the forefront of the list is Morgan, –who looks like Ryan Philippe, just a little, –you know, back when Philippe was still hot.

When’s the last time we talked about the latest episodes of Being Human UK, since they started the new season? Probably too long! Well, if you’re curious as to how the show’s progressing, check out the review of the latest episode of Being Human UK, ‘Type 4’. And I don’t think I need to add the spoiler alert, but there it is… don’t click unless you’re willing to give up some mystery.

We’ve all heard that the last installment of Breaking Dawn is going to be pretty awesome, or at least, more action packed. But there may be some horror and suspense thrown in too… Robert Pattinson is going to sing! Not only will the sparkly vampire dad be singing ‘Renesmee’s Lullaby’ but he’ll also play a piano solo too! I gotta say, I’m wary of the vocal talents of a guy who uses that much hair gel.

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  1. lol: I’m wary of the vocal talents of a guy who uses that much hair gel :D love it XD
    I’m kinda scared of him singing :D

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