Super-Fun Vampire Puzzle Game: The Sun for the Vampire 2

“Sequel to the physics puzzle platformer about vampire who wants to see the Sun…”  

Okay, now I know all of you are like, totally judging this really cute, super fun game by the picture: that’s your little man that you play with though! Your little vampire guy can do all sorts of fun stuff, and honestly, this game is probably going to take you at least a couple hours to get through, –probably more if you’re like, anywhere near as crappy with a touchpad and a tiny keyboard as I am.

So far, I got to level 6, and I’m going back for more later. It’s free, you just click the source link and go straight to it. You have to get your little vampire guy through a haunted castle, –you can float, turn into a bat, and throw boxes and stuff. But stakes, stake guns, ghosts, and other stuff is out to get you, so you have to be super careful and watch out for shooting stakes, your failing bat meter, and accidentally falling off cliffs. Collect coins for treasure and points, –collect keys to get to the next level. It’s good, simple, time-killing fun. Enjoy!

By annimi

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