Syfy’s ‘Being Human’ Gets The Axe

Syfy is calling time on the US adaptation of Being Human.

Syfy has definitely struggled the last few years with a much criticized name change, cutting fan favorite programs from their lineup, and spending far too much of their budget on new programs which have had little or no return on their investment. ‘Being Human,’ the first of the horror based original series really embraced by Syfy, has now been cancelled by the network. As we’ve seen with Netflix and Amazon picking up programs mistakingly cancelled by their networks, we can’t say whether this show will just disapear, but Syfy is airing it’s last show this April. Time to spread the word if you would like this show to have a second life. Are you going to miss ‘Being Human’?

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  1. This is one of my favorite shows, it figures they would cancel. I’ve noticed there’s much more garbage than there used to be and now they cancel something decent.

  2. I can’t believe they (SyFy) can be so stupid to cancel this show. It is one of the best shows they have. I will not watch SyFy after this is gone. They don’t know when they have a good thing. We don’t need anymore so called Reality shows….

  3. I can’t get enough of this show- I love all of the characters so much. Syfy, you should really reconsider this terrible decision!

  4. i am not amused, first the bbc kills the best version then this one, the only game in town, scifi cancels it??? WHY? its better than most of the other crap they air!

  5. Awesome show will miss all the great actors!

    Syfy you always cancel the good shit fuck you!

    And bring back my fucking show! Fuck!

    Stressing over here!

    Give it back! Now!

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