Syfy’s ‘Being Human’ Sneak Peek At Episode 2 Which Airs Tonight

In the next all-new Being Human, Sally’s (Meaghan Rath) new powers could help bring Josh (Sam Huntington) back, while Aidan (Sam Witwer) gets a blast from the past that’s a total game changer. Sneak a peek at the clip …

Sally seems to be kicking some major ass lately, and by the looks of the first show in season 4, its taking a toll on her. She can now perform amazing things, conjure up new places, put herself anywhere she wants to be, (and sometimes doesn’t want to be,) but are they her powers or the witch who gobbled her up last season…? We have seen, where Sally go the witch seems to follow, or is swept along, this makes me wonder whose powers Sally is using. Is Sally strong enough to save her vampire and werewolf friends from their ultimate fate…. maybe, but what will be the cost. Do you think Sally will be strong enough to save them all, including herself?

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