Tabletop Horror Lovers: CHILL is Coming Back to Shelves!

“Chill languished in darkness until Mayfair resurrected it, gave it a 2nd Edition and a host of new supplements. This is the version that most people remember, the scary one,…”

Sounds exciting, the premise anyway: another horror rpg reboot. But keeping things in perspective, I mean, the Witcher is coming out soon, and technically, that’s dusting off some old tropes too. So “Chill” has monsters… and it’s coming back to life for all you tabletop vampire slayers. I’m embracing the 80s… and the dawn of Buffy, and Vampire the Masquerade, –this was around before all that sappy vampire-romance-Twilight B.S.

Chill had some setbacks, but after a successful Kickstarter campaign, –more than actually, they raised $15,000 more than they asked for, –we might see some new materials for Chill soon. Are you adding Chill to your list to Santa Claus? I am!

By annimi

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