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Abigail Breslin Twihard, Johnny Depp Talks Dark Shadows, and Damon’s Challenger in this Week’s Vampire Bites!

Abigail Breslin, alas, yet another preteen is struck with the Twilight fever! Apparently, not only has Breslin caught Twilight-fan-fever, but she’s also sided with either Team Edward or Team Jacob. But will she say which one? And why is she so paranoid about the other Twihards? Maybe it’s because in her new movie… she is…

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New Vampire Movie with Abigail Breslin: ‘Innocence’

Now, okay, part of you is probably saying “Yay, a new vampire movie!” while the other part is like, “Wait, who?” Well, no worries, trust me, you know who Abigail Breslin. She’s the cute little chick from Zombieland, remember? Con Artist Chick, of the shortness? Anyway, now she’s starring in ‘Innocence’, a new vampire movie…

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