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Review of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

The whole idea sounds silly, doesn’t it?  Abraham Lincoln?  The Abraham Lincoln?  President of the United States?  Four score and seven year ago, etc.?  Hunting down vampires? Seriously? Well, yeah.  Seriously.  And kudos to the filmmakers for taking the idea seriously.  In fact, that seems the secret of this movie’s success as a movie.  At…

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Alan Tudyk Added to Cast of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter!

Well, there’s been a lot of ups and downs with the cast of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter; not that it’s anything close to some movies I can think of, –Jack and Diane, for example, which couldn’t keep a cast member if it was life or death, –but there have been some definite hitches. The main…

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Trent Reznor Decides NOT to Eat Abe Lincoln’s Mom

I don’t think it would be in good character to blame anyone for ‘jumping the gun’ and saying that Reznor had already taken the part. But I’m going to do it anyway. When did responsible journalism die? I find the news, it says Trent Reznor’s accepting a role in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and then,…

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Benjamin Walker Scores Role as Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

The on-going, sometimes halting, production of the film adaptation of Seth Grahame-Smith’s novel, ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’, has scored yet another victory by landing Benjamin Walker as its star, the vampire-slaying Abraham Lincoln. If the name doesn’t sound familiar, it’s because that, despite winning out over names like ‘Adrien Brody’ in the auditions, Walker hasn’t…

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Tim Burton to Make “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” Movie

After all the things we have said about Seth Grahame-Smith’s latest book, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, you wouldn’t think we would have more to add right? Wrong. The latest bit of Hollywood gossip is that director Tim Burton is set to turn this kickass vampire book into a movie. From Christmas, to chocolate, to Alice…

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