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Obayifo: A Skeptical Look at the West African ‘Vampire’

The Obayifo (pronounced oh-bay-EE-fo) is the West African version of the vampire, although it differs from the more common European view of the blood-seeking demon. Known by a few names – obeyifo, asiman, and asanbosam, although some differences exist between them – the Obayifo is often considered to be an evil witch who feeds off…

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Asanbosam and Sasabonsam

In Ghana and Togo, on the continent of Africa, the Ashanti people have a fascinating and complex mythology full of colorful stories of all sorts, which includes legends and folklore of vampires. The Ashanti myths have various types of demons and monsters. One type of vampire is the Obayifo vampire, or living-vampire controlled by a…

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