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Is Aidan “Living” On Borrowed Time On ‘Being Human’

Being Human (USA) takes its foot off the pedal this week, with a less-than-vital instalment. Here’s Kaci’s review…the night desk’s insight:I have to wonder with the return of Aidan’s child killing spouse, if Aidan has been living on borrowed time sin…

‘Being Human’s Aidan And His Women Trouble

Being Human US star Sam Witwer reveals Season 4 secrets and Aidan’s got woman troubles…the night desk’s insight:Aidan seems to be seeking out new women to fall in love with every season, with the exception of the most recent girl, his love life has …


What’s to Come on ‘Being Human’ Season Two

SyFy’s Being Human, the American remake of the popular British show, was such a success its first season that it was signed on for a second. This fantastic news has left a lot of fans wondering if the American show will continue to mimic the British series (which is working on its fourth season). Well,…

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Being Human NA vs. Being Human UK

There are actually some subtle differences in the way these two shows are laid out; many viewers who were dedicated to the original UK version of Being Human have argued that the original is better, because blah blah blah. But there are some very dissimilar attributes on either side of the fence. Sure, some of…

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The Vampire from the Being Human Remake… Meh?

Eh, I saw a picture of him just a few minutes ago and couldn’t help but kinda be like “eh…, he’s no Damon Salvatore. Hell, he isn’t even Stefan.” In fact, as far as vampires go, it actually looks as if someone took Stefan Salvator, and Armand (circa Antonio Banderas, IwaV) popped them into a…

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Being Human USA Update

As has happened many times before, a British television series finds itself being remade for American audiences. This time the series is Being Human. Based on the BBC3 series, the American version of Being Human is being made by the SyFy Channel and is expected to air sometime in early 2011. According to the SyFy…

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