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Vampire Character Halloween Costumes – Who Will you Go As?

It’s almost Halloween! That wonderfully eerie time of year when we dress up in fabulous costumes and consume mass amounts of unhealthy food and drinks! Yay! The best part of course is the costumes. What’s more fun than being a vampire for a day? You could go the easy route by hitting up a costume…

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Top 10 Scariest Vampires

More often than not vampires are romantic beings that steal our hearts and make us wish for nights of lusty passion. Once feared creatures of the night, these dark immortals are now the stars of hundreds upon hundreds of romance novels, and while that’s all well and good, we need to bring some of that…

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The Birth of Vampires in The Vampire Chronicles

Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles are legendary in the world of vampire fiction. Her imaginative novels on the history of vampires have captivated countless readers. One of my favorite parts in the books is when we learn how vampires came to exist. Many authors write about vampires, but few go into how the first vampire was…

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Vampires: Girls vs. Boys

What most of the unofficial Feminists Against Vampire Romance Novels organization, –bent on the mass destruction of a fictional theme, –seems to miss in the world of vampires right now, is that normally, chicks are over-represented in vampire literature and cinema. How many badass vampire guys can you think of? Blade, Dracula, Kurt Barlow, Count…

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10 Deliciously Evil Vampire Villains

Today’s post is filled with all kinds of bloodthirsty, cruel and evil vampire villains from books, films and television. Enjoy my sweets… 1. Akasha The vampire queen from The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. What makes this vamp villainess? The fact that when she awoke not only did she destroy most of the vampires in…

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The First of Their Kind

Who was the first vampire you may wonder. The first vampire is a mystery in many fictional vampire worlds, and even in the real world. Century after century, countless vampires making more vampires – some ancient, some young.  Where did it begin, who was the one that started it all? There are many vampire novels…

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