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Remembering Bella Swan’s Best & Worst Moments

We’re still winding down towards the end of the franchise; we’ve got a couple spots left yet to go over some o’ what is awesome, as well as irrevocably silly in the series of films. I know there’s a majority of people who think the films are stupid, but I think they’re just as entertaining…

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Remembering Jacob Black’s Best & Worst Moments

This is the last week before Twilight is pretty much officially over, and we wanted to send the franchise out with kind of a special sort of ordeal, –make sure that the thrilling threesome got some much deserved memorial services. We’ll start with the stuff that made us all want to cry, –and some of…

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Top 10 Things Twilight Got Right

Those who unquestioningly loathe “Twilight” often make very facile arguments against it. A pity, because honestly the books do deserve some criticism and just calling fans of the books names contributes no wisdom to anyone. Let it also be said (or, in this case, written) that Stephanie Meyer got some things spot on. I’ll even…

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How I Would Have Done Twilight

Is there a more controversial vampire story than Stephenie Meyers’ “Twilight” saga? Doesn’t seem likely. For one thing, fans and detractors of the series hardly even try to restrain themselves. Some Twihards literally cannot even see any tale of the undead or of lycanthropes through any other lens (the notorious poster who called “The Wolf…

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Vampire Fashion

Vampires….they seem to be all around us today. Our popular culture is soaking them in like a sponge; movies, TV, books, music, decor and not at all surprising, Fashion. The brilliant minds behind the Australian fashion house Saint Augustine Academy, recently debuted a True Blood Vampire inspired clothing line at the Rosemount Australian Fashion Week. Filled…

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“twilight & history” by Nancy R. Reagin

When I first picked up “twilight & history” by Nancy R. Reagin, I knew that it followed the story of Twilight and delved into the histories of the different characters. That was about all I knew, and I hoped that I wasn’t about to embark on a dry and dreary tale. I mean really, there’s…

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Who’s the Richest Man in Fiction? Carlisle Cullen!

With so many people constantly looking at how much money is made in different careers, and among different celebrities, doesn’t it make sense that someone would eventually want to create a list of the richest people in fiction? And who better to create such a list than Forbes magazine, a publication that stands for sophistication…

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Five of My Favorite Movie Vampiresses

Vampiresses are just awesome, and we just don’t see enough of them in my opinion. From the classic high-collared vampiresses, to the modern-day ones, here are my five favorite vampiresses, in order. #5.) Angela Bassett in Vampires in Brooklyn. Sure, she isn’t a vampire for most of the movie, but she’s still hilarious even when…

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Fashionable Vampires … or not

Maybe it’s just me being girly but I always love looking at the clothes the designers create for vampires in movies and TV shows. Sometimes they’re absolutely ridiculous, other times they’re damn sexy and sometimes they are brilliant works of art. Here’s a small list of a few vampire looks used throughout the years (check…

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Twilight’s Alice Loves Vampire Sex!

Well, the actress that plays her in the films, Ashley Greene does. Yup, more Twilight related news, because clearly we aren’t getting enough. Anyway, little Alice just posed for Maxim magazine (awesome pictures below) and not only does she look hot in the mag, she also spoke on Twilight and her role as Alice Cullen….

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