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True Blood, Season 1, Episode 8

We open where we left off in episode 7, with Sookie staring shocked at the four coffins, blackened by the flames that the surrounding firemen have just quelled. Sheriff Bud Dearborn asks Sookie if she’s okay, and if she wants water; she asks if they’re sure, did they find four bodies? Detective Andy Bellefleur says…

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True Blood Season 1, Episode 7

We open where we left off; a very, very close up shot of Bill slurping and sucking on Sookie’s neck. We’re still being shown Sookie and Bill’s mid-coital mambo, which means more boobs, and a good shot of Bill’s rather feminine butt. Apparently, this is the exact moment of penetration; I suppose to any virgin,…

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True Blood Season 1, Episode 6

We return to the scene of poor sweet Gran, lying dead in a sticky pool of blood on her kitchen floor. Sookie, completely shocked is grabbed by Bill, and turned from the scene. Sam enters and Bill is immediately defensive, due to the bloody scene in front of him; thinking that Sam might be the…

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Season One, Episode Two, of True Blood

The second episode of True Blood immediately opens up on the scene where we left off; Mack and Denise Rattray thoroughly enjoying their ass kicking contest, while poor Sookie pretty much lays there and takes it. It can’t get any more ‘damsel in distress’ than this. Sookie’s friend, the border collie appears to bark at…

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True Blood – Season 1 Episode 1

Episode One The scene opens up on a young couple driving down a dark Louisiana road; we’re pretty much immediately made aware of their character. The girl is willing to give a handjob at the wheel, –very classy, and the young-ish preppy guy wears a polo shirt with his collar flipped up. The tres chic…

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