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Coming: Fright Night 2

Let the arguments and debates commence! Sequels always cause both, as do remakes. Sequels to remakes even more-so! The original Fright Night inspired a sequel centered around Charlie Brewster encountering a female vampire. Now Fright Night 2: New Blood takes that idea but also brings back Ed (Chris Waller) as well as Amy (Sasha Parkinson)….

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Top Future Vampire Women

With vampire books and films and t.v. series swarming the media, one thing we can perhaps look forward to is some famous beauties finally getting around to sporting fangs. Offered for consideration–four such that have been mentioned more than once on the web and who could potentially be quite fetching licking some fresh blood from…

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Madame Tussauds’ Immortalizes Twilight’s Robert Patterson

For those Twilight fans who are still mourning over the cancellation of this years TwiCon, Madame Tussauds’ has something for you that should be just as good. Madame Tussauds’, the world famous wax museum located in London England unveiled their newest waxwork yesterday, that of Twilight star Robert Patterson. The waxwork, estimated to have cost…

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