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The Vampire from the Being Human Remake… Meh?

Eh, I saw a picture of him just a few minutes ago and couldn’t help but kinda be like “eh…, he’s no Damon Salvatore. Hell, he isn’t even Stefan.” In fact, as far as vampires go, it actually looks as if someone took Stefan Salvator, and Armand (circa Antonio Banderas, IwaV) popped them into a…

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Brad Pitt Has Returned to the Vampire World

So good news vampire fans, it looks like Brad Pitt and the makers of the Twilight movies, Summit Entertainment, are in the process of making another vampire flick for us to sink our hungry fangs into. The incredible Brad Pitt is set to produce a new film called Vlad, which tells the story of the…

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The Vampire Chronicles Reboot

Rumors are flying that Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles will be getting itself another movie. If you don’t know what the Vampire Chronicles are, well… where the hell have you been for the past 30+ years? (answer: not born) Anne Rice’s vampires only completely switched up how vampires were viewed and portrayed. They went from being…

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