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Are You Prepared for the Vampire Apocalypse

If you are reading this then the world didn’t end yesterday as predicted. But, let’s say that the apocalypse did go down – Resident Evil style. But instead of mindless flesh eating zombies, we got mindless blood-drinking vampires, similar to I Am Legend. What would you do? Your hometown has been overrun by monstrous bloodthirsty…

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Requiem For The Night

Another vampire film, currently in pre-production, hopes to make its mark on cinematic history before too long.  Requiem For The Night has its own fundraising page, described as “…something brand new, something that has genuinely not been done before. It’s a dark vision of the world on the verge of an apocalypse with geopolitical alliances…

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Angel- Season One

Determined to prove to himself that there is life after Buffy, Angel leaves Sunnydale after helping the Scoobies defeat Mayor Richard Wilkins and heads off to Los Angeles. Hoping to make a difference in the world Angel embarks on a quest to help the helpless in hopes of making amends for the horrible things he…

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