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Big Breaking Dawn News!

I know that all of you Twi-hards out there are dying for info on the Breaking Dawn films, and news is finally starting to flow in on the movies! Release Dates Stephenie Meyer’s novel, Breaking Dawn, will be split into two movies. The first film will open in theaters November 18, 2011. Part two is…

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The Twilight Cast Gets Naughty

The Twilight books may be sickeningly pure and innocent, but the beloved cast members from the movies sure aren’t. Have a look at what the Twilight crew has been saying and doing. Robert Pattinson Jokes About ‘Breaking Dawn’ Sex If you’ve read ‘Breaking Dawn’ then you know how very tame and disappointing the sex scene…

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Twilight News Bites!

Twilight news time! With Eclipse hitting theaters soon (June 30) there’s no lack in Twilight goodies for you bloodthirsty fans to feed upon. So feed away! Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz Crisis Averted Greene and Lutz, also known as vampires Alice and Emmett, were in a salary dispute with Summit Entertainment over their roles in…

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Five of My Favorite Movie Vampiresses

Vampiresses are just awesome, and we just don’t see enough of them in my opinion. From the classic high-collared vampiresses, to the modern-day ones, here are my five favorite vampiresses, in order. #5.) Angela Bassett in Vampires in Brooklyn. Sure, she isn’t a vampire for most of the movie, but she’s still hilarious even when…

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Celebitey Gossip – Twilight Addition

It’s time again for more celebrity vampire goodies, but this time it’s all Twilight related. Make sure to check out the photo gallery below for all of the fun and sexy pictures of your fave stars. Mini Eclipse Preview: The very first Eclipse still was released. The third movie in the Twilight Saga is expected…

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Fashionable Vampires … or not

Maybe it’s just me being girly but I always love looking at the clothes the designers create for vampires in movies and TV shows. Sometimes they’re absolutely ridiculous, other times they’re damn sexy and sometimes they are brilliant works of art. Here’s a small list of a few vampire looks used throughout the years (check…

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Twilight’s Alice Loves Vampire Sex!

Well, the actress that plays her in the films, Ashley Greene does. Yup, more Twilight related news, because clearly we aren’t getting enough. Anyway, little Alice just posed for Maxim magazine (awesome pictures below) and not only does she look hot in the mag, she also spoke on Twilight and her role as Alice Cullen….

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