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The Aswang Phenomenon

I absolutely love vampire history and folklore, so when I heard of the upcoming film titled The Aswang Phenomenon I let out a little squeal of joy. The Filipino aswang is one of my many favorite vampire species because it has such a rich history. There are so many different versions of the aswang myth…

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Vampire Folktales I’d Love to See on Film

If you have followed my writing for a while now then you already know that I am absolutely obsessed with vampire folklore, if you are new, then well, I love vampire folklore. One of our awesome readers sent us an email about how vampire fans need new and original movies, adding that he is sick…

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Vampire Hunting on ‘Destination Truth’

Over at I chatted with our readers about Destination Truth, a show that I recently learned existed. It’s currently in its fourth season, so yeah, I’m a bit behind. Ah well, anyway, the show airs over on SyFy and explores a wide variety of myths and legends around the world – from werewolves to…

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The Unheard Word of Vampires and the Bird

Ahaha rhyming fun. Now that I have your attention, let us take a trip to the past and explore some of the lesser known bits of history involving vampire and birds, yes, birds do in fact play a role in vampire legend. We’ll start off with one of the more common myths – that animals…

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Top 10 Vampire Stereotypes Explained

Thanks to today’s date – 10.10.10 – we’re bringing you a top 10 list, because really, what day is better than today? After thousands of years of history, the vampire has earned itself countless well-known legends and when you mix in the stereotypes created by the entertainment world you have even more.  Many folks have…

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What Do Vampires Look Like?

Over the years vampires have taken on various appearances, be it sophisticated or monstrous. The most popular and well known vampire look mostly due to Bela Lugosi and his role in the old Dracula flick. Christopher Lee and Frank Langella later helped to reinforce Lugosi’s look. You’ve got the male vampire dressed impeccably in classy…

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As the Sun Rises the Dead Sleep

A vampire is known to sleep from dawn to dusk, since of course, the rays of the sun are particularly harmful to them. Truth is the idea of a vampire running to its coffin to hide from the day’s first light is something that mostly came from books and movies, it’s not a theme often…

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Vampire Powers

There is more to being a vampire than just blood drinking you know. There is power, lots of it depending on what species of vampire you are. Since there are so many vampire myths and so many legends throughout the world there is a long list of what a vampire can do, what powers it…

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The Aswang

The Aswang are another one of those vampire species that are way different than your traditional opera cape kind. This particular vampire is from the Philippines and is believed to be a sexy normal woman by day and an evil flying monster of terror at night. During the day the Aswang appears to be a…

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Vampire Abilities and Flaws

The abilities of a vampire are numerous, and naturally depends on what vampire is in what area, for one to know what kind of things they might be capable of. For example; many species of vampire are not know to be able to fly, however, the bruxsa in Portugal, the lansuir in Malaysia, and aswang…

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