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Vampire Organizations and Associations

There are two distinct types of non-religious vampire organizations and/or associations: those designed by and for vampire role-playing gamers or fanatics, and those intended for real-life vampires. Most organizations for RPGers are simply personal websites or forums designed to create a ‘safe’ environment for their roles to be played out. In many cases memberships are…

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The Truth About Real Vampires Today

Fanged creatures secretly prowl among us, lurking in obsidian shadows, quietly watching us from behind dark sunglasses, their narrowed gazes fixed upon luscious prey. The vampire’s excruciatingly sharp needle-like fangs flash under the moonlight as he grabs his victim, one hand over her mouth, the other tightly wound around her waist. He strikes deep and…

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The VVC Global Vampire Community Discussion

It’s that time of the year again. Early this month, some of the greatest vampire minds convened online to discuss a few of the finer points in modern vampirism, the lifestyle,  its impact on and integration with modern society. This year there were almost two hundred attendees, and eighty pages of transcript available for readers…

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