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Review of Not With Monsters

In the region of greater Los Angeles known as NoHo a black box theatre known as Zombie Joe’s makes its home.  They do a variety of plays there, many original as well as solid sprinkling of classics.  A new show opened this last weekend, a one-act musical that includes no less than five vampires in…

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Top Future Vampire Women

With vampire books and films and t.v. series swarming the media, one thing we can perhaps look forward to is some famous beauties finally getting around to sporting fangs. Offered for consideration–four such that have been mentioned more than once on the web and who could potentially be quite fetching licking some fresh blood from…

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Bathory – 2008 film

Bathory weaves a thought-provoking alternate tale of the infamous Countess Báthory Erzsébet. Was she a victim of religious political conspiracy and greed? Whatever you believe, the movie provides potential answers to the stories of legend about the vampire countess. A sub-plot reveals a romantic relationship between the countess and Caravaggio, yes, the famous Baroque painter….

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