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Why Do You Want to be a Vampire?

Here at we have a lot, and I mean A LOT, of people leaving comments begging someone to turn them into a vampire. It’s an everyday thing and honestly, I usually just ignore these hundreds of requests. But while reading the latest ones it started to get me thinking – why? Why do you…

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If I Were A Vampire…

When I was 14, reading Anne Rice for the first time, I constantly daydreamed about becoming a vampire and all the adventures I would have. But the years passed, I moved out of the parent’s house, grew up, and now instead of thinking of a life as a vampire, I think about bills, work, and…

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Please Turn Me Into A Vampire!

“Please turn me into a vampire!” I read this comment here a lot. Now, before I continue I want to make it very clear that this is by no means an insult to those of you that wish to become a vampire. I totally understand your reasons for wishing it, so as I said, this…

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The Many Ways To Be A Vampire

I bet many of you are wondering how someone is turned into a vampire. We all know the most popular way involving lots of blood sucking (they suck, you suck). But if you take a look at folklore, old customs and traditions throughout the world you’ll learn that there are many ways someone was believed…

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