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‘Twilight’ Director Bill Condon Confirms Never-Before-Seen Supercut

International Business Times ‘Twilight’ Director Bill Condon Confirms Never-Before-Seen Supercut Of …the night desk’s insight:Surprisingly, the large missing scenes from the edited version of breaking dawn will not be added to the dvd/blue ray versi…


Breaking Dawn Part 2: New Cast Photo and A Chat With The Director

Time for more Breaking Dawn Part 2 goodies! A brand new cast photo has been released (see above) and MTV scored an interview with director Bill Condon. A double dose of awesome for the Twi-hards. The interview offers up some interesting details on the awesome vampire powers and the official running time. Check it out…

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Twilight Film Will Include Gory Vampire C-section

This post contains spoilers, so if you haven’t read the books then you may want to move on. Anyway, a few months back there was a rumor that claimed that the creators of the Breaking Dawn movies wouldn’t include Bella’s gruesome vampire c-section. They were worried that such a gory scene would earn the movie…

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‘Breaking Dawn’ Release Date Set

If you haven’t heard, the final book in the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn, will be split into two movies. The first part is set to open November 18, 2011. Summit Entertainment has recently let fans know when the fifth and final movie will hit theaters – Breaking Dawn: Part 2 will be released November 16,…

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New Twilight Director Reaches Out to Fans

Heya Twilight fans! Over the weekend, director Bill Condon broke his silence on Breaking Dawn, his upcoming adaptation of the fourth and final novel in the Twilight saga. Like previous directors Chris Weitz and David Slade, the director introduced himself to Twilight fans with an online letter, reassuring them that he’s doing everything he can…

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