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Online Carmilla Event

From September 12 until October 12–one entire month–a rare film version of “Carmilla” will be available online as part of a promotion for a book, “The Annotated Carmilla.” Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s classic novella, which pretty much created the Lesbian Vampire trope, has been adapted half a dozen times for the screen since its publication…

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Why Lesbian Vampires?

For all practical purposes, the trope Vampire Lesbian emerged with Joseph Sheridan LeFanu’s novella “Carmilla.” Eventually, with the rise of a new medium–motion pictures–an adaptation of that story appeared. “Crypt of the Vampire” became one of the still-relatively few such. The trope, however, could be seen in “Dracula’s Daughter” as well as the eerie “Vampyr.”…

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Adaptations of Carmilla

For fans of the undead, a favorite topic of debate remains comparing the various film versions of “Dracula.” Even limiting oneself to those explicitly based upon Stoker’s novel, over a dozen versions exist from “Nosferatu” (original and remake) to both Universal versions in 1930, both adaptations that starred Christopher Lee, all three BBC Draculas, the…

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