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Top Ten Lesbian Vampires

Go to any search engine of your choice and type in the phrase “Lesbian Vampire.” The results will include a fair amount of scholarly essays, pure porn, a Wikipedia article, reviews to more than a few very cheap movies (as well as some of much higher quality), places where you can purchase anthologies as well…

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Elizabeth Bathory the Blood Countess

Of all the candidates for “real life vampire” surely the front-runner must be Elizabeth Bathory. Among the highest nobility in 17th century Hungary, her name comes down to us amid horrified whispers–torture, mass murder, bathing in human blood, Satanism. How much if anything actually happened remains a matter for historians. Fans of vampires know her…

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Gilles de Rais – Medieval Vampire

Had Bram Stoker decided to make his vampire nobleman French instead of Eastern European, there lies within that land’s history a model as appropriate as Vlad the Impaler. Looking at the life of Gilles de Rais (1404–1440), one can hardly imagine a better man to deserve the title “Monster.” In fact, it remains curious how…

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