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Seven of the Most Twisted Vampire Murderers

These vampire killers will haunt your dreams. Most people think of vampires as being romantic: dark, strange men that live hundreds of years, have plenty of cash, and drive around in shiny foreign cars looking for misunderstood emo chicks to fall in love with. What if vampires were… well. More like these guys? Couples from…

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Psychological Explanations For Real Vampirism

There are people who call themselves vampires; they are real people who drink real blood. There is an entire vampire subculture which involves those who drink blood and those who donate blood to these self-proclaimed “vampires.” These vampires claim that they have no control of their cravings, that their bodies need the blood they drink….

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If Vampyres Were Real

Recently I was having a discussion on asking the question, if vampires were real what book would you want it to be like? There were different replies here and there, but what caught my eye was this one comment that said she wanted it to be like Twilight. :groan: Ok, fine, I can deal…

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Vampires & Sex

Since the day Bram Stoker penned the account of Lucy Westenra being ravaged by Count Dracula; most vampire, and horror fans, have associated our favourite, undead, blood-drinking harbingers with sex or at the very least consider them sexual beings with a lust for flesh which matches their own lust for blood.  We see this theme…

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