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True Blood, Season 1, Episode 5

We’re back, finally, after a week of waiting, to Sookie and Bill’s magical car ride home. As you’ll recall, Bill and Sookie met a policeman on the road, whom Bill scared bad enough, to make him pee his pants. Poor feller. Bill and Sookie sit in the car and Sookie berates him for his treatment…

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True Blood, Season 1, Episode Four

And we’re back, right where we left off, with Sookie screaming her head off after finding the body of her coworker, Dawn. This is a stressful situation, so it’s a little surprising that she doesn’t turn the alarm clock off; considering it’s the first thing any of us would do. Imagine, dead body of co-worker,…

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Vampires in Nature

In the scientific study of animals, and insects, vampirism is also used in reference to mosquitos, leeches, vampire bats, of course, mistletoe, and other parasitic creatures surviving on tissues and fluids of other living creatures. Blood is a tissue fluid; just like the meat that other animals feed on, as well as human being, blood…

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Vampire Subculture: Sanguinarians

The vampire lifestyle, or subculture has existed for many years, although it’s been growing over the last few decades. Many believe that the lifestyle has grown out of and stemmed from the Goth subculture, while still retaining elements and mannerisms of those participating in the S/M lifestyle. The two types of vampires in the subculture…

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