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Teen Biting and Bloodsucking Scares the Parents and Pays the Media

We honestly wish that more parents actually deigned to read our site; we do not condone minors biting and drinking each other’s blood. We do believe in the right to safely practice Sanguinarianism, –but that’s because we believe in the right to safely practice and participate in any culture/philosophy/religion. It’s that whole “American” thing, –if…

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9 Reasons Why Vampires Could Totally Win a Fight Against Werewolves

1. No one can ever agree on vampire powers, so a werewolf would be entering into a one hell of a gamble if he ever picked a fight with a vampire. It could do anything; transform into a tiger, or spew acid from its eye sockets.  So the first reason is: uncertainty! 2. Werewolves are…

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