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Eastern Europe Embraces Their Vampy Past And Invites You To Join Them

Two towns in Bulgaria and Romania are planning to boost their tourist appeal by capitalising on their “vampire” past, it seems.the night desk’s insight:Romania and Bulgaria are reaching out to tourists with vampire tours. With their recent archeologica…


Archaeologists Discover Vampire Skeletons in Bulgaria

At one point in history the belief in vampires was very much real and alive. People lived in great fear of the undead and precautions were taken to prevent a corpse from returning as a vampire. Common methods throughout Europe included staking the corpse with a certain type of metal or wood, placing a fish…

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The Children of Judas

How about we mix together a pinch of vampire lore with a dash of Jesus and a handful of evil. You know what you get? Read on and see… Religion and vampires clashing isn’t anything new of course, so an incredibly evil and vicious clan of vampires called the Children of Judas shouldn’t be too…

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