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Vampire Media Lies, Hot New TB Poster, Damon and Elena not Happening Soon, in this Week’s Vampire Bites

Sad but true about that Damon and Elena thing; I have to say, I’m on ‘Team Damon’ if such a thing exists. Not that Stefan isn’t cool, but Ian Somerhalder just gets my juices flowing… Nina Dobrev says that Elena’s really just into Stefan right now… but there’s still hope for Damon in the future. Even…

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Twilight Books Maybe You Haven’t Read

So I figure if there’s any weekend I’m allowed to gush ad nauseam about Twilight, it’s the weekend that New Moon has been released on Blu-Ray and DVD. So, while you’re in between watching all those wicked special features, and watching Jacob profess his love to Bella over and over, you might want to also…

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New Moon DVD Release Date Announced!

Just when you thought the whole New Moon madness was over, they go and announce the date of the DVD release! Of course, I’m excited since I’m a Twilight fanatic but for all of you haters out there, you’ll have to put up with it for a couple of more months. The New Moon DVD…

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Midnight Sun: The Twilight Prequel

I don’t know why I’m just hearing about this now, but it seems as though there may be a prequel to Twilight called Midnight Sun. Of course, when I was first told of this, I started digging to find out more. Turns out, there is a book that Stephenie Meyer has started writing. It is…

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