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Good Guys Wear Fangs

Good Guys Wear Fangs Short Story Antecedents of Angel and Company A few years ago, while watching a trailer for the then-upcoming CBS vampire series Moonlight, I began to ponder the literary roots of the heroic vampire motif. Sure, your average sci-fi fan knows about Angel and Spike, maybe has a little recall of Detective…

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Vampire Books Coming July 2013

It’s my birthday month (coughgiftcardscough)! Yes, it’s July, Dear Readers, and it’s time to take a lil’ peek at all of the vampire books coming out this month. There are a few rad books hitting shelves this July, so have a look and then buy them all! All the books! Or, you know, a few….

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Vampire Books Coming March 2012

It’s that wonderful time again! That time we take a look at all of the fangtastic vampire book being released this month! There are some excellent books hitting store shelves this March – books by newbie authors and books by your favorite bestsellers, everything from fiction to non-fiction this month.  Have a look at all…

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Vampire Books Coming March 2011

It’s the first of the month Dear Readers! That means it’s time to check out all of the glorious vampire books coming out this month, and there are a LOT of them this March.  Yay! (Click titles to view on Amazon) Under Wraps (The Underworld Detection Agency Chronicles) by Hannah Jayne About Sophie Lawson, who…

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Vampire Wish List 2011

With the New Year comes reflections of what was, and with them contemplations of what may yet be. Along those lines, allow me to share some personal wishes for vampire films and media in the upcoming year–and invite you to share yours. First, let the character of Pam on “True Blood” find a love interest….

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