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A Chinese Tale of Terror

Today I bring you a vampire tale from G. Willoughby-Meade, a man that documented China’s folktales (like the Grimm brothers did in Europe) in his book, Chinese Ghouls and Goblins. Our terrifying tale begins with a man named Liu, who was a tutor staying at another’s residence far from his native home. He was granted…

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A Vicious Chinese Vampire

Via our Twitter page we asked you, our faithful readers, what you would like us to write about here, and a few of you asked for stories about Asian vampires. Now, if you are a long time reader you know that we have done quite a few Asian vampires posts, but even so I’ll give…

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When Souls Break Apart

The Chinese, like the ancient Egyptians, were deeply concerned with guaranteeing the survival of the individual; the person’s being, after physical death.  Their ideas were based on the ancient Chinese conception of the polarity of negative and positive, dark and light, yin and yang; the two essential principles in the cosmos, the eternal universal balance….

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