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Christianity and Vampires

The history of vampires has always fascinated me, every time period viewed them in an entirely different way. In older times, organized religion drastically changed how the undead were seen by the people, this is something I have read countless times in a handful of books, but I recently read a different take on Christianity…

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Vampires Thrown Out of the Bible!

The parties responsible for canonizing the Bible found certain passages unsuitable, such as one of the earliest instances of vampirism. The Bible has been around for thousands of years in one form or another; whether you subscribe to Christian faith or not, it’s a fact that it’s one of the oldest books in the world,…

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How to Kill or Defend Against Vampires

As long as there have been legends of vampires, there have been methods by which to either kill them, or protect oneself and family from them. Before there was Christianity, however, there was still legends of vampires; what then of the use of holy symbols and idols to stave off the visits of a hungry…

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