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Vampire Books Coming October 2012

It’s Halloween month! It’s also that time to take a look at all of the vampire books coming out this October. Thanks to this being the biggest horror month of the year, there are loads of vampire books hitting bookstores soon. So grab yourself a hot drink, light some eerie candles and check out all…

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Vampire Books Coming November 2011

It’s the first of the month! That glorious day where we take a look at all of the fangtastic vampire books being released this month! Yay! Unfortunately, there aren’t many new vampire books coming out this November (boo!) but that’s not too bad since some of the books we’re getting this month sound amazing. Check…

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Vampire Books Coming September 2011

September is bringing us all sorts of fangtastic goodies! Loads of vampire books are being released this month, everything from vampire romance to vampire horror, fiction to nonfiction, there’s something for everyone. Have a look at the September releases and let me know in a comment below which book you plan on picking up. (Click…

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